Tara West
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Tara West - 不動産エージェント

1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL, United States

Luxury Residential and Development Real Estate Specialist


Working in real estate for over ten years, Tara West has established herself as one of Miami Beach’s top real estate agents of luxury residential properties. Dedication to her work, clients and the simple joy of working in the real estate industry has led to Tara’s success. Tara began working in real estate selling premier waterfront developments on Miami Beach which soon expanded to selling single family houses and luxury condominiums throughout Miami and Miami Beach lending to Tara’s knowledge and expertise in Miami’s real estate market.
Tara’s professional endeavors in politics, public relations, marketing and advertising have also lent to her success in working on high profile real estate projects worldwide and with clients demanding only the best. Through a sociable demeanor and ability to understand her clients’ specific needs, Tara brings a unique approach to the market that delivers results. Personable as well as professional, Tara West is the ultimate choice in luxury real estate.

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Tara West
1221 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL, United States
Phone: (305) 926-8223